The foundation of our work is in our two guiding principles: honesty and punctuality.
At the beginning of the year 1995, we were a company that was supplying office material in the capital, Prishtina.
Today, Amare has grown to be the leader in Kosovo’s market, supplying European core organizations
operating in Kosovo and the country’s largest banks as well as other major employers.

Amare has been the center of all retail and wholesale materials for pupils, students, scholars, artists,
architects and others; this has indeed been our mission. Amare is an official representative of the
world’s most renowned companies of this field, such as: Talens, Schneider, Staedtler, Rexel, Aero, Esselte,
Leitz, Lecolor, Durable, Koh-i-Noor, Xerox, Canson, Lamy, Olfa, Sizzix, Elisa, Abka, Gipta, Yener, Panda etc.
We are unparalleled when it comes to promotion materials. We are the main supplier of big and
small campaign materials that keep making positive changes in Kosovo.
We are proud of the partners we represent, and privileged that their quality is delivered to the
people and businesses of Kosovo through us.